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How to print the coloring pages

This section will help you to print the coloring pages. You will find suggestions and help to solve any problems you may be having with printing the coloring pages on the site. When you have problems with your printers hardware or software you should refer to the troubleshooting guide from your printer or check your printers online support web site from the manufacturer. Sometimes it helps to check all printer cables that connect to your computer and power. If a coloring page will not print, it is wise to bookmark the page. Reset the computer and return to the page for printing. This usually solves most of the printing problems.

Color Page Printing Tips

In order to print the coloring pages correctly and fit images in standard A4 paper the following is recommended:

In your browser bar, click File, Page Setup (or Print Setup) in this window save the following settings:
1. Make sure paper size selected is A4.
2. Remove (erase) data information in headers and footers or select "blank"
3. Enter smallest margins allowable for your printer: .25 for left, right and top margin, and .46 for bottom margin is recommended to center and fit all images properly.
4. click PRINTER at the bottom right in the Page Setup window, click Properties, click the Layout tab, check mark Scale to Fit, mark Scale to Fit Paper in Device, in Paper in Device select the size of paper from the drop down list.
5. Save all the settings (OK).

These instructions work for most printers. Note that these paper size adjustments will affect the overall printing quality, size of craft templates and the print size in handwriting practice pages.

Wait for the image to be downloaded completely on the screen. When the image is downloaded and ready to print, the word DONE appears at the bottom left side of your browser. Use the print button above the color page you want to print. The color page will open in a new window for easy printing.

Color Page Printing FAQ's

Q: When I try to print a color page, I only get part of the page. How do I make the whole page print?
A: Sometimes a color page is interrupted while downloading and is incomplete. First try to reload the page (hold CTRL and press F5), and check if you see the whole color plate.

Q. The right side of the picture is getting cut off. What can I do?
A. Sometimes images are larger then the paper you want to print the color page on. Here are a few solutions:

Set your printer paper margins to zero (or the minimum settings) before printing:
Internet Explorer - Choose FILE --> PAGE SETUP - change the margins in the lower left corner of the Page Setup Window. You may also want to remove your header and footer information at the same time.
Netscape Navigator - Choose FILE --> PAGE SETUP and change the margins in the middle of the Page Setup Window. You may also want to remove your header and footer information at the same time.

You can also save the color page to your computer and use a graphics program to resize the color page.


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